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  • Catherine Tafto

    Loom Shared Space

    A copywriter by trade, Catherine's drive to create a supportive community for local business owners led to founding Loom Shared Space. She is passionate about connecting people and seeing their businesses thrive.

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  • Holly Williams

    Sketch Studio

    With her clean and minimalistic design style, Holly creates strong, soulful brands tying together the story, personality, and essence of a business. She works closely with clients to create the brand they’ve always imagined.

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  • Jarrod Lodge

    Lime Digital

    Jarrod designs, builds and deploys software and apps to promote safety and optimise business processes and workflows across a range of industries. He works with clients to identify where issues or inefficiencies lie, and develops a customised, digital solution.

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  • Shanelle Partridge

    Impacts Voice

    Shanelle is passionate about youth who are misunderstood, forgotten or disconnected - and craving a sense of belonging. She wants them to know their worth and potential, and realise their dreams.

    Impacts Voice facilitates personal development workshops for youth, teachers and parents.

  • Sarah Marshall

    Pocket Rocket Marketing

    Sarah is experienced in marketing management, graphic design and is also a Rocketspark website design partner.

    She enjoys working with like-minded businesses to develop a digital presence that is both impactful and practical.

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  • Philippa Farmer

    Canopy Group Ltd

    Philippa is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals -insurance, mortgages and Kiwisaver, she has them all covered. Wherever you are in your home ownership journey, it’s never too soon to get good advice. 

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  • Kylie Scott

    Strive Accounting

    An experienced chartered accountant, Kylie makes a difference to businesses by streamlining processes and developing clients' understanding of business growth strategies. 

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  • James Kuegler

    James Kuegler Coaching

    A long-distance running coach and highly accomplished endurance athlete, James’ engaged and integrated training principles have seen athletes of all levels and abilities gain success and  wellbeing.

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  • Amelia White

    ALB Design

    With over ten years experience in the graphic design industry, Amelia has worked with print and in an in-house design agency. 

    Constantly learning, she makes sure shekeeps learning as the design landscape evolves. 

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  • Christina Rogstad

    Sage-Ing Institute

    Christina is an entrepreneur and innovator and loves taking on new challenges. The Sage-ing Institute works to develop creative solutions to the challenges at the heart of our aging workforce.

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  • Tae-Ho Ko

    App House

    Tae-Ho designs user experience and interactions for small to extra-large screens, translating complex ideas into simple, elegant,

    sophisticated user interfaces. 

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  • Mirinda Du Plessis

    Red Diamond Leaders

    Mirinda is a leadership recruiter and describes herself as the Chief People Lover and barbecue addict!

    Doing the seemingly impossible is her oxygen. In 2019 she won the Crazy Entrepreneur Cup, awarded by her husband of 25 years.

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