A passion to see SMEs reach their potential

After a career with large corporate organisations working in global supply chain, an empty nest was the catalyst for Kaiaua resident Tania Donovan to make a change and become a business coach.

“There were parts of working in the corporate world I really enjoyed,” says Tania. “However, the red tape was frustrating and after 20 years I knew it was time for something new.”

When deciding what came next, Tania was looking for a challenge that would utilise her skills and was free from the frustrations of the corporate world. She realised she could use her knowledge to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow and fulfill their potential.

“People that own small businesses are passionate, single minded and focussed but often need help to move their businesses forward,” she explains. “These are people who have laid everything on the line to work towards their dream, and a few years in can find themselves stuck.”

Working with her clients to identify where their business is, then develop a strategy and a business plan to move it forward sees Tania working across a range of industries, and she says every business is different. “What the goals and driving forces are for each business varies as much as the people running them,” she explains. “This means I don’t use a template or one size fits all approach for my clients – the strategy is informed by what each person wants for their business.”

Tania took on the Oxygen8 franchise for the Franklin region, and it has been a positive experience. “The partners were supportive and they have good mix of skills and experience. Their programme resonated with me - it is flexible and you can add your own flavour,” says Tania. With Oxygen8 coaches working from Whangarei to Pukekohe, Tania has a wealth of knowledge to draw from in their monthly workshops.

Tania was one of Loom’s founding members and has found the coworking space a great fit for her business. “I needed a professional place to work from and meet with clients, and Loom is in the heart of my territory. I also needed somewhere away from home where I could be more efficient with my work time.”

She says that Loom has given her more than she expected. “It is a community, it is a bunch of friends, and it is like minded business owners that I can share experiences with - working here has given me a valuable support network.”

To talk to Tania about moving your business forward call her on 021 746 499 or email tania@oxygen8.co.nz.